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Smoker Craft Boat


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Experience the ultimate boating adventure with our 14' Smoker Craft boat, powered by a robust 20hp 4-stroke Mercury motor. Ideal for family outings or a day of fishing, this boat can comfortably seat up to 4 persons or 465 lbs. Its powerful motor ensures smooth and efficient navigation through the waters of Cranberry Lake. Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore the stunning scenery and enjoy a memorable day on the lake. Reserve your Smoker Craft boat rental now!

  • Seats 4

    Can accommodate up to 4 passengers.

  • Fuelled on Arrival

    Arrives fully fuelled.

  • Slip Included

    A dedicated slip for docking your rental


Payment Type: Credit cards accepted

Payment Schedule: 50% due at time of booking. Remaining balance due 7 days before arrival.

Cancellation Policy: All paid prepayments are non-refundable.

Security Deposit: A pre-authorization of $500 is held on 0 days before arrival and voided on 0 days after departure

Boat Rules

Fuel Policy: The boat comes filled with gas and must be returned filled. Please refuel at the designated marina before returning the boat to avoid additional charges.

Cleanliness: Please keep the boat clean during your rental. Remove all trash and personal belongings before returning the boat.

Capacity Limits: Do not exceed the boat's maximum capacity. For safety reasons, ensure the number of passengers does not surpass the specified limit.

Life Preserving Devices: Life jackets and other life-preserving devices must be worn at all times while on the boat. Ensure all passengers have access to these devices.

Alcohol Consumption: Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited while operating the boat. Please ensure all passengers adhere to this rule for everyone's safety.

Safe Operation: Operate the boat responsibly and follow all local boating laws and regulations. Avoid reckless behavior to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Damage Responsibility: You are responsible for any damage to the boat during your rental period. Report any damages immediately to avoid further complications.

Return Time: Please return the boat on time as per your rental agreement. Late returns may incur additional charges and affect subsequent bookings.


Default Rate XS
Default Rate $225 $225 $225 $225 $225 $225 $225 $1575

* Pricing may vary depending on length of stay and number of guests.